Welcome to the Alliance for Organizational Psychology, a federation of Work, Industrial, and Organizational Psychology societies from around the world.  The Alliance has been established by the Organizational Psychology Division of the International Association for Applied Psychology (Division 1), the European Association for Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). For members-only information, log in with your UserName and Password.  If you do not have one, click the Register link in the upper right corner of this page and create your account.

 Honolulu and Paris!  Look for Alliance Programs in 2014

Program planning is well underway for the Alliance for Organizational Psychology’s participation in:

29th SIOP Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, May  15-17, 2014 (http://siop2014.hawaiiconvention.com/), and the

28th International Congress of Applied Psychology in Paris, France, July 8-13, 2014 (http://www.icap2014.com/). 

The Alliance’s Program Committee [Berrin Erdogan (chair), Frederik Anseel, Barbara Kozusznik, Ros Searle, Salvatore Zappala, and Lisa Finkelstein] will soon be posting the Alliance program and social events on this page. 

Alliance White Papers

  Click the image on the left for the Applicant Reactions White Paper, the image on the right for the Retirement White Paper, or the White Papers tab above to navigate to topical summaries prepared and published by the Alliance and any of its Federated Societies. The first two papers to appear were prepared under the auspices of SIOP's International Affairs Committee. Brief versions of them have also been published by SHRM for its 260,000 worldwide members (you may link to them at the bottom of the White Papers page).   

SIOP Top International Poster

The first SIOP Top International Poster Award was given to Tracy Xiong and Wendi Adair (University of Waterloo) for a paper entitled, “The Effects of Message Order and Culture on Influence Strategies”.  The award is given by SIOP to the top poster in the Global/International/Cross-Cultural Issues category.

Federated Societies